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Hand to Hand

Our Green Coffee offering is designed to highlight the individual profiles of coffee-growing areas around the Central America, from a departmental level all the way down to a specific community. We can ship your coffee anywhere on this, or another, continent. Individual selections, or you need a forward spread on multiple container loads drop-shipped to any port in the world, Cafe Loco team is here on the ground to help.


Green coffee Grading and Sorting is done by size and weight, and beans are also reviewed carefully for water activity, moisture content, color flaws or other imperfections. 


Quality Control

Packing differs by one’s asking from Grainpro to jute bag. Grainpro, which is zip-locked plastic bag fits inside the regular jute bag and protects green beans by developing a modified atmosphere that stays stable during transport and storage. It also protects against insects and fungal contaminants.

Origin  for You

Only Central  America
Our origin trip for coffee lovers and who are interested in making or maintaining buying relationships. These trips facilitate the creation and maintenance of relationships between coffee buyers or consumers and producers directly.
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